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“I found myself in an ethical and spiritual lifestyle that I wouldn’t want to give up for anything.”

On a Monday in early September of 2018, I was in my Freshman year of college, and I attended a bible study meeting hosted by what was then called Salvation and Praise at Frostburg State University. I love God so I went thinking maybe I will be taught something that I did not already know. If someone would have told me that within 2 years I would be a very involved member of 100% Triumph, create many great relationships in my life, and find a renewed relationship with God that is better than ever, I would have thought that they were insane.

Being a part of 100% Triumph has changed my life exceptionally. I have met many wonderful people that I feel close enough to to call my brothers and sisters. I know these are people that want the absolute best for me, making sure that I stay on track with my development in Christ, helpfully critiquing as well as congratulating me along my journey. Once you are fully introduced to 100% Triumph, and eventually become a member, you are given the responsibility and pleasure of welcoming others into this organization and life of Christ, which has been a wonderful experience.

After joining 100% Triumph, my views, perspectives, and opinions changed, as well as my behavior not only around people, but when I am alone also. I was finally understanding what it means to be led by God. I found myself in an ethical and spiritual lifestyle that I wouldn’t want to give up for anything. In the book of Psalms 1 in the bible, it is talked about how a person doesn’t associate himself with the ungodliness of this world, but rather finds great joy in learning and performing the word of God. I could say that is what my life has been shifting to in a slow but steady process. For me this has not been an easy job constantly making sure I’m praying, fasting when I’m supposed to, and doing all I can to receive God’s word, but I realize that sacrificing my life to do the will of God will give me new life.

Jamari - 100% Triumph FSU

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