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I would say I was a lukewarm Christian, neither hot nor cold.

I joined 100% triumph my freshman or sophomore year and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be part of such an organization. 100% triumph is an organization that preaches the true gospel and does not sugar coat the truth. It is an organization that cares about your genuine walk with God and wants to see you go deeper in your relationship with Him. These attributes heavily impacted my views and the way I see God now.

I would say I was a lukewarm Christian, neither hot nor cold. However, when I started going to 100% triumph, I quickly realized the path I was walking in and knew God was calling me to walk deeper with Him. They have a way of making the meetings fun and also making sure the gospel truth is still told. I see God in such a different light and I’ve learnt so much about Him these past few years. I’ve met some really powerful children of God who later became my good friends.

I thank God for 100% triumph and I pray the organization as a whole continues to grow and touch millions of lives in Jesus name.

Jasmine, TU

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