S&P Alumni is a platform through which college graduates can give back to their colleges through participation in 100% Triumph programs. The purpose is to show their appreciation to God for their success and achievement during their tenure in college and to impact college students. As a result, 100% Triumph will foster communication with S&P graduates so that their understanding of the next generation of achievers in 100% Triumph will not become stale.

Salvation & Praise (S&P) will

  • Strive to provide support for the students of 100% Triumph while staying connected to 100% Triumph vision, goals, and programs.
  • Organize career fairs and networking events during 100% Triumph seminars and conferences, and connect students with employers for prospective internships and employment.
  • Act as role models for existing students and also inspire them to achieve greatness.
  • Act as mentors and guides by organizing various support programs for 100% Triumph members struggling in some way.
  • Network with former 100% Triumph members who help enhance the profile of 100% Triumph globally.
  • Play a significant role in contributing scholarships and donations to deserving members of 100% Triumph.
  • Offer job search and resume writing trainings during 100% “Dominion Spring and Dunamis” conferences.
  • Assist in pairing 100% Triumph members with qualified mentors working in their field of interest.
  • Share their experiences, skills, expertise, and testimonies of God’s goodness after graduation to encourage and boost the faith of the next generation of 100% Triumph members in the institutions where 100% Triumph exists.

What Our Alumni Say

“Salvation & Praise (S&P) has impacted my life in countless ways. One major way was when I came to the understanding that I’ll never find my worth in Earthly possessions, rather in the Word of God.

With that understanding, I’ve grown to apply such wisdom to my life & began to use my platforms (my job career, skills, & other positions in life) to impact the lives of others for God’s Glory. I genuinely thank God for S&P, because i don’t know where I would be today if I wasn’t a part of that fellowship.”

– B(Texas A&M), Student

“My experience in Salvation and Praise ignited a passion within me to create a chain of impact. Salvation and Praise exemplified excellence for our generation to follow, not only in academics, but also spiritually. What I loved the most about Salvation and Praise was the ability to freely express myself in meetings and receive the Love of Christ from others. I am thankful that through Salvation and Praise, I was able to meet other individuals with a genuine heart to love and serve God which is exactly who I needed to surround myself with.”

– A.(UMBC), Student

“Salvation and Praise has impacted my life in so many ways. I was so drawn to people who look just like me that can also love God on a level I’ve never experienced. If I’m being honest, I never thought I was able to get to that point. I knew I always wanted a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, but didn’t know how to get there and then ended up back in sin one way or the other. I’m grateful for relationships made, and the impact made in my life as well as others.”

– C (Howard.U), Student

“My experience in Salvation and Praise has helped me build a plethora of relationships with people from diverse sectors. I also gained interpersonal skills that i’ve was able to utilize throughout my undergraduate career and these skills are still utilized in my professional field.
I definitely learned the essence of hard work and what it means to be a servant of God. There was so much I gained but I can definitely say that being a part of Salvation and Praise helped shaped a part of who I am now.”

– D (UMD), Student