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God changed my life and has given me confidence about myself

Apart from giving my life to Christ, stepping into a 100% Triumph was undisputedly the best decision I’ve made in my entire life. I truly believe the Word I hear at seminars and the relationships I’ve developed with mentors of 100% Triumph has prepared me spiritually for the many curve balls life threw my way in high school and especially college.

It all started after moving from New York City to Maryland in 2015. I was the new student in a new school and spent more time finding my way to classes instead of actually being in class. I decided to join a club in order to find new friends, not knowing I would find much more than that. It was my Junior year of high school when I transferred and I still did not know if I wanted to apply for college. I had convinced myself I wasn’t smart enough and the grades I was getting at the time supported that conclusion, but I realized later all of that was a lie from the devil. After a classmate invited me to the club for the first time I was moved to immediately rededicate my life to Christ. It was not long before I started to attend prayer every morning before classes and attend church consistently outside of the school meetings we had once a week. By the end of my senior year at Bowie High School all the discouraging thoughts had disappeared. I was accepted to my number one college choice, and finished my freshman year of college with a perfect GPA. My friend group also developed rapidly after joining 100%Triumph. I was able to connect with all the members at my new high school which ranged from freshman to seniors. They were very welcoming both inside and outside of the club. Most importantly, God connected me with my two best friends and we are still close friends over 5 years later. We even attend different schools, but our interests in 100% Triumph and developing ourselves spiritually has kept us connected. Not only has God changed my life and has given me confidence in myself, but I’ve witnessed the lives of my friends blossom. I’m truly grateful for God placing me at Bowie High School where 100% was established.

I highly encourage anyone looking for a new beginning to start your journey by stepping into a 100% Triumph meeting. Actively being a member over the years has allowed me to clearly see the path God has paved for me as well as connecting me with my two best friends. Although I’m still learning day by day, 100% Triumph has given me confidence in my walk with God so much that I am now able to invite others to Christ.Watch what God will do! To God be all the glory.

Above is the grade point average from my first semester (Fall 2017) of college at Frostburg State University.

Lisa - 100% Triumph FSU

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