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Spring Conference



Dominion Spring is a 100% Triumph yearly conference that takes place every Spring on our campuses, colleges, and virtually to serve our global college students and alumni. As God’s image-bearers in creation, we have been designed by God to become His representatives here on earth and in particular on our campuses and in every matrix where we function. Dominion Spring conference addresses every practical aspect of life and provides the solution to throbbing questions and difficulties, whether spiritual, academic, social, or even emotional. Although man fell through Adam’s Sin, our God through Jesus Christ has given us the charge to rule over every situation, challenges, and circumstances that we confront on the earth. We have our God-given authority to exercise dominion over the earth by becoming an ambassador of the Kingdom of God that reconciles the world back to Jesus Christ.

  • Dominion implies that 100% Triumph and its affiliate will become household names. It will be normal for all of us to be the most well-known people in different fields of expertise, such as in sports, science, technology, entertainment, music, law, politics, and business.
  • Dominion implies that we proactively be the one to set cultural norms in ethics, design, fashion, music, science, media, and philosophy.

Therefore, 100% Triumph Dominion Spring Conference is a platform that creates awareness for global leading innovators, who will be more influential and more celebrated in their generation and beyond than the present-day innovative leaders. DSC gives a wide range of opportunity to inspire, educate, and motivate those that have the potential of becoming leading global leaders and scientists by the wisdom of God. These young innovators are created to develop the cure for cancer, lupus, autism, and become leaders in health, educational, and technological breakthroughs.

Next-Generational Dominion Spring members will set a trajectory for leading and developing opportunities for the next generational leaders that want to become a president, governor, or CEO of multi-national corporations starting from our campuses. The Lord has mandated us to be the head and not the tail, to be above “only” and not beneath and to lend to nations and never to borrow (Deut. 28: 10-13).

Why Should I Attend Dominion Spring Conference (DSC)?
Dominion Spring conference will

  • Challenge and enable you to step up into complexity and develop the mindset and skill required to succeed in a multifaceted setting.
  • Equip you to lead in all areas of culture and win all contrary ideological battles of life.
  • Incorporate experts in a virtual, matrix, and digital way of working.
  • Filter deep insights into young entrepreneurship ideas through various workshops and training.
  • Provide a platform that incorporates students from different regions of the world.
  • Engage diverse and well-distributed groups of stakeholders, colleagues, and alumni to participate.
  • Enhance teamwork that features speakers, students, faculty, alumni, and participants from a range of different cultures with diverse ways of getting excellent and exceptional results.
  • Develop the next-generation global leaders that create a good understanding of being an added value in a global or local setting. Such leaders go, “GLOCAL!”
  • Develop the flexibility of style in leading people with different expectations and build resilience and authenticity to stand for something of worth.

Benefits of Dominion Spring Conference:

  • You will be enhanced with the triumphant Kingdom message to eliminate the defeatist mindset.
  • You will spring forth into greatness with clarity of goals and purpose for life.
  • You will be equipped on how to develop leadership and management capacity.
  • You will acquire success in a post-COVID world, learning new ways of optimizing results where decision making and collaboration becomes more complicated with limited face to face opportunities with colleagues.
  • You will be globally relevant as a young leader by finding the right balance of control and empowerment.
  • You will be empowered to stay agile and responsive despite the complexity of any matrix.
  • You will be empowered to cut through complexity with a remarkable turnaround in any life endeavor.

Undoubtedly, God has more in store for you than your mind could ever imagine. However, connecting to the power of His promises means living above the noise of doubt and fear. As seen in the scripture below, we have an assurance that the dominion that we have lost through negligence and delinquency will be restored to us.
“As for you, watchtower of the flock, stronghold of Daughter Zion, the former dominion will be restored to you; kingship will come to Daughter Jerusalem.” Micah 4: 8 NIV
As a result of this dominion, our characters, actions, reactions, and way of life will mirror Christ, and people will testify that they have seen Christ in action.

When and Where?
100% Triumph hold its DOMINION SPRING CONFERENCE every Spring by the mercy and grace of God!