We are 100% volunteering in the community in every capacity.
We are about giving back to the community by helping to facilitate volunteering opportunities in the community which is an extra advantage that offers students opportunities for extra credit.

Our projects include raising support for disaster relief, volunteering in high needs schools, gathering canned goods or clothing for children in need, and much more.

100% Triumph pride herself in students’ determination to work hard, developing compassion and a positive attitude, and communicating effectively with diverse groups of people on campus to making the students the best 21 st century global leader.

100% Triumph explore workshops, conferences and seminars on leadership skills, management and communication proficiencies.

100% Triumph creates opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities which will also offer the chance to take on important leadership roles on campus and later on in other endeavors.


  • Organizing programs dedicated to serving the underclassmen of the school community with leadership and academic support.
  • Professional career workshop
  • Academic seminars involving professional guest speakers in different field of study Opportunities for professional mentorship
  • Professional portfolio workshops
  • Providing information about job fair and internship opportunities/information for students Community service projects
  • Partnership with Green Team (Campus cleanup)
  • Partnership with groups that are nurturing youth, that seeks excellence

Group projects

We enable students to participate in group projects that is related to their choice career.
100% Triumph understand that, there is no way students will not be involved in group projects. While students are working on group project, we help to designate roles, organize meetings or exchanges of contact information, take the lead on brainstorming and planning. Knowing that, the more student communicates with others, take initiative, and practice effective organization, the more confident they will become in their leadership abilities. Having to accomplish a lot of work in a short period of time will give students the ability to work under pressure which is an important skill and added advantage, that great leaders must possess especially in the most stressful academic environment.


For any student who desire to improve their leadership skills, 100% Triumph will be the only avenue to do so. Students will learn about communication, teamwork, confidence, organization, problem-solving and lots more through hands-on experience and contact with skilled and experienced leaders.