Making An



An Impact

We are needed because we are different

As an organization founded on Christian values and principles, we will focus on dealing with challenges by praying for one another, especially for those who are in dire need, praying for the faculties and professors and the entire school community.

We will serve as principal liaison between students, faculty, staff, other departments,community and/or external constituencies on day-to-day operational, and administrative issues.

We conduct seminars on, resume building and problem resolution for students. Underclassmen will benefit from 100% Triumph by gaining academic and professional support and learning the power of persistence through prayer and support for one another through encouragement from God’s Word.

Bridging the gap

We believe that our organization is needed on this campus because we hope to impact the lives of underclassmen. We also believe that there is a need for young student professionals to develop their leadership and managerial skills (of self, time, emotional, relationship, resources and finances). We ensure that each student know that they are not alone in their academic pursuit and that 100% Triumph is there for them. We seek to be that bridge that connects
academic professionals and students.

Peer support where and if needed

With many students undergoing stressful transitions from high school to first year, we seek to provide friendly academic assistance, prayer and Word support to peers, that will be useful throughout student’s undergraduate and graduate career and the same will be beneficial to those who provide the support in 100% Triumph.