About Us


The United States chapter of the metamorphosed 100% Triumph was established on March 2nd, 2011 with its inaugural conference held on April 11, 2013. We are systematically becoming a global colossal force in High Schools and Colleges across the globe.

100% Triumph is a campus organization that desires to improve student’s academic excellence performance in holistic modus and produce globally relevant graduates that will competitive enough to positively impact their community and the world at large. We are a student organization, that seeks to produce men and women of integrity that is established upon Christian morals and biblical values. We place 100% priority on all round discipline needed to FOCUS while in college.
We are called to humbly and voluntarily serve the students, faculty and the entire university community.

Our Values

We are committed to investing in students. We are a people seeking to work in harmony with universities to develop intellectual constructs and next-generations leaders as we prepare students for future leadership challenges.
We rescue students from distractions and we mentor students on how to maintain
focus. We desire universities to prosper because we care about faculty, students, research, ideas, and structures. We are actively involved in global leadership and cross- cultural missions.



100% Triumph goals are to inspire and encourage students to overcome academic,
moral, leadership and followership challenges, that may stand against college student and to make student impactful in their community and globally.

100% Triumph is determined to raise visionary students, who prioritize management
and leadership. Students that are academically sound despite their college challenges, demand and distractions. Great thinkers, solution bearers, high-fliers, record breaking achievers, that respecting one another, and work together as a team with creative prowess and entrepreneurship skills, innovative, and highly knowledgeable.



We support student’s learning through study group
We provide opportunity for community and public leadership
We disseminate exemplary models of practice
We coordinate efforts with other Campus organizations for team work
We facilitate communication between educational professionals and students.
We help students in clarifying their goals and setting up required discipline needed to achieve them.
We assist in networking by connecting students with other professionals, internships and jobs.
We broaden the scope of knowledge of students in conjunction with introducing students to professionals and opportunities in their chosen field, thereby acquainting students with new resources and organizations.
We foster job-seeking, resume writing and job retention skills, by offering first-hand advice through knowledgeable and well-proven professionals on how future graduates can stand out to potential employers.
We also provide information for students on maintaining career longevity.