100% Triumph raises
generational Leaders

To us in 100% Triumph, leadership is the capability to influence others through inspiration. This inspiration is usually generated by passion, that the leader has, and the passion is at large motivated by a clearly defined vision, which is the ability to see a better future for all college students than what they have right now. True leadership begins with self-discovery and that is why mentorship in leadership is very vital.

Every student has leadership skill in them.

Taking on a college leadership role can be the best way for students to challenge the skills needed during and after college years. We are the leaders of “now” and tomorrow.

100% Triumph build leadership skills by encouraging students to be a resident adviser (RA). In this capacity students will learn how to work with a team, mediate conflicts, build community, help people in need, and generally be a resource for friends and neighbors.

As a member of 100% Triumph, you do not have to run for student body president to make a difference on your campus or learn some important leadership skills. You will be trained to be a representative for your Greek house, residence hall, or cultural organization. The shy student can even watch leadership in action and be encouraged.

100% Triumph train college student on how to get competitive jobs and internships and how to write resume. From running for a leadership role in an association to initiating and turning into reality what the association should be like, you can get some great leadership experience in the process through 100% Triumph.

As member of 100% Triumph, you will experience the tenets of good leadership skills, time management, communication skills, taking a position and standing by it, working as part of a team, and working and 100% academic performance even under pressure.

100% Triumph also has made room for those who does not have the time to assume a leadership role for the entirety of the academic year. We are actively involved in various community service project that is a one-time gig. Students will get the experience of planning, organizing, and implementing a major event without having it take over their entire semester.

100% Triumph members are encouraged to work with the full-time staff where they could learn what leadership looks like behind the scenes as well as how to develop leaders in a formal, structured way.

100% Triumph members know how tough, transitioning from high school to college life could be for new students. That is why we train students to becoming an orientation Leader. It’s a lot of work in a short period of time but it’s often an amazing experience. Through this opportunity we make great friends, we learn about leadership from the ground up, and make a difference in the lives of new students on campus.

100% Triumph has become a bridge that connects professors with students to build their leadership skills. Working with a professor can be an amazing opportunity. You’ll demonstrate
that you’re an intellectual leader who is interested in pursuing new things while learning important skills that you can use after graduation, (like how to research and how to follow through on a major project). Leading the way toward the discovery and exploration of new ideas really counts as leadership.

100% Triumph encourage students to having a role with the campus admissions office which demonstrates student’s responsibility and makes you a respectable person on campus who can communicate well with others.

100% Triumph is committed to raising global leaders right from high school and college. Leaders that will be multi-talented in:

Biblical thoughts and practices, accountability, trustworthiness, upliftment, being successful, hardworking, self-knowledgeability, great academic principles, inspirational capabilities, selflessness, influential ability, giving intelligent advice, self-reliability, preparedness, self- motivation, cooperation, self-determination, persistency, God confidence, meaningful engagement, fun while working hard, acceptability by others, self-confidence, listening, communication skills, commitment, time and people management, goal-orientation, charisma, enthusiastic abilities, teamwork, patience, problem-solving, awareness, conscientiousness, honesty, optimism, assertiveness, emotional maturity, volunteerism, open-mindedness, being sociable, volunteerism, how to persevere in adversity, adaptability to change, creativity, understanding, reliability, empowerees, supportiveness, personal responsibility, innovativeness, proactiveness, empowerments, mobilizing, strategic networking, go-getter capability, sociability, helpfulness, purposeful dedication, involvement, commitment, supportiveness, independency, respect academic excellence and focus.