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“It was like God was calling out to me”

So, I’ve been in 100% Triumph for about a little over 5 years now. Before when we were still known as Salvation and Praise, I was invited to my first meeting ever by one of my friends in my neighborhood. For the longest he kept telling me about this club at our high school that he went to after school on tuesdays and how he wanted me to come. That year I had just committed to my school’s soccer and track team so I was already really busy but one day after school, I think he walked into me walking around waiting for track practice to happen and called me into one of the meetings.

That day in March marked the beginning of my life changing it’s trajectory completely. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I heard a message that caught me so off guard that I could barely focus at practice. It was like God was calling out to me. Now, the idea and knowledge of God was not all that foreign to me given that I did grow up in the church. But as for actually talking and communicating with God for myself outside of the actual building, that didn’t happen until after that day in March.

From that day forward I started attending the Tuesday meeting much more consistently, telling my coach that I would come to practice after bible study moving forward. I could tell you about the numerous lessons I learned, the discussions we had, the friendships I developed, and multitude of testimonies I’ve accrued over the years of me being in 100% Triumph, but then you’d be reading for the next few days. But I will tell you about my biggest gain: an actual relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship makes me want to love God and other people more with the love of God. It makes me want to serve Him more in our campus ministry, it makes me want to impact individuals, it makes me want to succeed and excel in all that I do for the glory of God. My relationship with God gives me hope in things to come, 100% Triumph gives me hope.

Delphine, TU

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