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Dunamis Conference



Dunamis is a Greek word used 120 times in the New Testament and literarily means strength, power, and ability. It is the root of the English words, dynamite, dynamo, and dynamic, and it is obtainable through the Holy Spirit after genuine salvation. Dunamis is needed to be godly, to walk in the fruit of the Holy Spirit, to be sanctified, to get wealth, to stay healthy, to prosper, to be wealthy, to be productive, to be righteous, and to excel in every venture of life such as in business, academics, family, and socially

What is Dunamis Conference (DC) About?

  • Maximizing the power of the Holy Spirit in us to manifest the Kingdom of God in our personal lives, schools, and community thereby bringing about a National Transformation needed in every nation of the earth.
  • Being real and not trying to meet a nebulous expectation but instead allowing God to come down to your level and lift you to His expectation only by His mercy and grace.
  • Demonstrating the power of God in and through us to excel in every endeavor of life.
  • Perfecting the next generation, where others fail.
  • Grooming the next generation for the task ahead and preparing them through kingdom principles designed to take the lead in our contemporary world.
  • Developing triumphant students and faculties responsible and accountable in their matrix.
  • Empowering participants to fulfill their God-given purpose in life, thereby facilitating the reign of Jesus Christ in every aspect of life.

What Happens at Dunamis Conference?

  • We surrender to the Holy Spirit through anointed vessels in praise, worship, Word of God, prayers, repentance, dance, rapping, spoken word, music, fashion showcase, arts, technology, innovations, and talent show, on a trajectory to manifesting the character of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the next generation is propelling our societies and other social institutions not to succumb to this present secular humanistic structure but the Kingdom of God.
  • We provide Generational mix percolated by Generation Z and the next generation in view, all equipped by the revelation of God’s Word and Dunamis, which is the power of the Holy Spirit to evolve as God’s beloved.
  • We provide an atmosphere for all participants to communicate their frustrations and limitations to be better understood and avoid taking the frustrations and effects of the challenges on others.
  • We equip young responsible men and women with family and financial literacy.
  • We provide young leaders with courage to confront and overcome every problem of life.
  • We teach the application of the everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom of God to influence every stratum of life.

The Pre-Civil War American believers had a Kingdom focus with its emphasis on Christ-life and individuals and societal transformation. The importance drastically changed after the war, which has been detrimental to the next-generation believers and American society. Therefore, 100% Triumph DC is about the practical Kingdom living that infuses Biblical Dunamis culture of the millennials, Generation Z, and the next. Scripturally, Dunamis does not mean accomplishing tasks by our strength or ability but instead allowing God’s power to work in and through us. The Holy Spirit is the custodian of God’s power in our lives, and we trust that He will tutor us as we develop and grow effectively in fellowship with Jesus Christ.

When and Where?
100% Triumph holds its Dunamis Conference (DC) on every campus in the DMV area.


We teach the application of the everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom of God to influence every stratum of life.

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