Meet Our


Dr. Akintayo Emmanuel

President & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Akintayo Emmanuel is the president and Chief executive officer of 100% Triumph global. He is also the President of G42-Global Reformers, GRA Mission Squad-The Bridge, GRA Mission Squad and Executive director of GRA Health Initiative.

He attended the University of Ibadan, Catholic University of America, Oklahoma State University, NASA Aerospace Education center at Johnson Space Center, Houston, and Northeastern University. He also obtained a certificate of completion in cross-country Aviation Flight. As a Geneticist, he relishes the challenges of research in several areas of molecular genetics, genomics, genetic toxicology involving detection of toxic mutagenic and clastogenic activity in characterized test systems. He also has vast experiences in Global studies and international conflict resolution. He is assisted by his wife, Sarah Emmanuel, an environmental scientist from the University of Maryland.

Pastor Sarah Emmanuel

Vice President

Pastor Sarah Emmanuel is the vice president of 100% Triumph Global. She is also the president of the Family Development and Samaritan Foundation, an educator, and environmentalist who strongly advocates for individuals and families around the globe. She is an inspirational leader and a mentor to many whom she has the opportunity to connect with. She envisions a world of love, growth, and advancement for the underserved. She makes this vision a reality through her exemplary service in the communities she serves. While using her skills and expertise, Pastor Sarah Emmanuel continues to show ardent dedication in FDSF as she works towards aiding orphans, educating young girls, and providing pregnant mothers and low-income families with sustainable resources.